Frequently Asked Questions

  I lost my password, how can I recover ?


  I want to leave to serve notice, what should I do?

"Account Information" field, "Newsletter Subscription" in the subject is sufficient to remove all being checked.

  How do I find the product I want in your site?

You can find the product you want in Kitapyurdu using the "Categories" button or via "Search".

  Can we find everything ?

Kitapyurdu has a database of over 300,000 products. Nevertheless, if you can not find what you are looking for you can send an e-mail to our sales department and our sales department will investigate this work for you and will provide you wish.

  How do I understand correctly that I ordered?

After you complete your purchase will be sent an automated email with the details of your purchase.

  In the event the product is damaged what should I do?

The product is damaged upon delivery, to explain the situation in an e-mail send within 7 days if the necessary procedures followed and products that will be changed.

While the delivery of your product if the package is damaged and if you pay attention you will need to take delivery if it is damaged.

  How is shopping in Kitapyurdu assurance?

Kitapyurdu your information (e-mail, billing address, delivery address etc..) Can not be shared with third parties in any way. Kitapyurdu and SSL, as well as credit card information as part of the approved uses in the SET system. When buying from Kitapyurdu you use your credit card, bank payment systems are in assurance, Kitapyurdu or a third party can see your credit card information.

  How many days will I receive?

Procurement of works each time, with the work that is specified in the relevant pages. Sometimes one day as can be provided, some 3-5 days can be provided. In addition, delivery times based on where you are located. Turkey usually within 1 day, 2 days while abroad. When you add these two together reveal your cargo when you arrive. This period will be reported on your page before you confirm your order.

Lead time + delivery time = time to reach

  Payment is done in what way? on-line by credit card or by bank transfer can shop. To speed up the process of on-line credit card advise. In order to transfer, transfer fees after we receive your bank account transactions to be initiated.  

  I did not check your credit card when shopping, what kind of process do I do?

Your credit card may be closed for mail. By calling your bank to process whether or not the mail (whether open to overseas operations is the same situation) check. By check or credit card information to try again or if you have another credit card is required to enter his details.

  Havale/EFT yapacağım hesaplar nelerdir ?